According to the Brazilian Association of Event Sponsors (Associação Brasileira dos Promotores de Eventos – “ABRAPE”), the culture and entertainment sector corresponds to approximately 4.5% of Brazil’s Gross Domestic Product (“GDP“). In this context, despite not being recognized as a traditional “area” of law, Entertainment Law has increasingly consolidated itself as a practice characterized by the integration of knowledge from different areas of Law to provide this industry with “one shop stop” solutions. In other words, players inserted in the entertainment market have legal claims from all areas of law and the lawyer who advises them fulfills the mission of bringing together different technical knowledge to the extent, at the speed, and as peculiar as they are concretely manifested in this industry.

Under these premises, we have advised clients from different markets over the last decade, including music, cinema, press, and digital media, offering different services, such as obtaining permits for holding public events and shows, obtaining permits for participation or attendance of minors in public events, the preparation of contracts for the agency of artists and authorization for the use of images, assistance in the clearance process, the preparation of documents for advertising campaigns, fact-check review and review of editorial texts, consultancy in legal marketing, comparative advertising and work with the National Council for Advertising Self-Regulation (Conselho Nacional de Autorregulamentação Publicitária – “CQNAR”).

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