Our work in tax matters is divided into three fronts: advisory; administrative and judicial litigation; and representation before Government Authorities.

In the advisory sphere, we provide advice on the interpretation of tax legislation, with the preparation of legal opinions to support decision-making, risk assessment, and promotion of tax planning for a lawful saving on taxes.

In litigation matters, we work at all levels of the tax administrative and judicial process, defending the interests of our clients for the cancellation of tax actions, the scope of tax benefits, refund of taxes, filing of writs of mandamus to object to irregular acts by tax authorities, and representation in tax enforcement.

In representing taxpayers before tax bodies, our work includes negotiating tax debts through transactions with national treasury attorneys’ offices, arranging for payment in installments, obtaining clearance certificates, making consultations with tax authorities, conducting inspections, and preparing and transmission of individual income statements to the Federal Revenue Office and the Central Bank.

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