In an increasingly complex and dynamic business environment, under the influence of globalization and accelerated computerization, which impact both how disputes are set up, as well as the practical functioning of the bodies of the judiciary branch, the successful performance of the modern lawyer is far beyond the pure technical knowledge of Law and procedural rules, combining, in search of favorable and effective results, communication skills, timing and the use of technological solutions.

In the civil litigation sphere, our work provides refined strategic solutions for settling disputes in the judicial environment, from the first instance to the higher courts, with an active presence and coverage throughout the Brazilian territory. With technical depth, practical study on the business environment in which each setback is inserted, and dynamic performance, we sponsor individuals and companies, Brazilian and foreign, in disputes involving civil and contractual liability; business setbacks; litigation related to financial institutions; contractual interpretation; litigation against state bodies; corporate disagreements; copyright, image, and personality rights; competition disputes; consumer law; foreclosures and credit recovery.


In the advisory universe, we provide advice on the interpretation of civil and commercial legislation, to clarify risks and opportunities for conducting business strategies, helping our clients in making high-impact decisions.

With experience in different industries, and with a commitment to understanding the context of each client’s performance, our work also encompasses the structuring of contractual webs for the regulation of business models of different natures and complexities, ranging from the definition of the most appropriate contractual models for each business interaction, up to the negotiation of clauses and conditions with all the participants of the transaction.

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